Industrial Park Management

TA’ZIZ offers investors a wide range of services and industrial infrastructure through a single, easy-to-use platform. The TA’ZIZ Industrial Park Management will be the solution provider for investors’ needs. This enables investors to develop their business by concentrating on their core production facilities, using the world-class utilities, logistics, industrial infrastructure and shared services provided on site. This results in considerably lower investment costs and rapid production start-up.

TA’ZIZ offers investors a broad range of services, covering all activities from the provision of energy and water, disposal of liquid waste and other waste materials, process and plant safety systems, as well as environmental protection standards (based on ADNOC’s own HSE standards), security and fire prevention systems in order to protect the assets and reputation of investors.

The full range of services, include:

  • Utilities like power, steam, cooling water, nitrogen, waste water treatment, etc.
  • Logistics such as tank farms, interconnecting pipelines, marine and jetty facilities, solid and liquid handling, etc.
  • Infrastructure such as roads, easement facilities, fire and rescue facilities, etc.
  • cooling water, nitrogen, licenses throughout the investors’ journey from projects to operations
  • Robust industrial HSE systems (based on ADNOC’s own HSE standards)
  • Integrated fire and rescue systems
  • Crisis management and emergency handling system
  • Waste management
  • Industrial security services
  • Facilities management
  • Medical clinic