Light Industrial Zone

The strength of TA’ZIZ has been built around integration, not only with upstream feedstocks like olefins and natural gas liquids, but also downstream - where products from the TA’ZIZ Industrial Chemicals Zone, as well as the existing plants in Al Dhannah, (like Borouge), can be further converted into specific applications in the TA’ZIZ Light Industrial Zone. As an example, polyethylene from Borouge can be converted into pipes that can also be utilized by the industries within Al Dhannah.

The investments in this part of TA’ZIZ will be significantly less capital intensive, with relatively lower demand for industrial inputs like steam and complex waste treatment facilities. TA’ZIZ is contemplating supporting such industries by providing ready-made industrial sheds on very competitive terms in case potential investors are looking for an expedited development schedule.

Small-scale and medium-sized enterprises will be invited to invest in the TA’ZIZ Light Industrial Zone.

Type Of Targeted Light Industries:

  • Non-metallic pipes (polyethylene (PE), polypropylene pipes (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), etc.)
  • Pipe fittings (PE, PP and etc.)
  • Catalyst production
  • Plastics Recycling
  • Masterbatches/compounding
  • Fiberglass and applications
  • Heavy duty bags
  • Shrink hood films

Anticipating the requirements of these new industries, TA’ZIZ is establishing an offering of key services, all of which will be available at competitive prices.

Targeted services available include:

  • Equipment and machinery maintenance, repair services
  • Scaffolding, rigging, painting, sand blasting, workshops, fabrication, Insulation, Fire proofing etc.
  • Warehousing and materials handling