The Ruwais Derivatives Park

The Ruwais Derivatives Park is a growing industrial hub for the chemical derivatives sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Park sits within Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s (ADNOC) long-established refining and petrochemicals cluster in Ruwais, approximately 250km west of the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi.

An industrial ecosystem will be created by ADNOC and ADQ, including a new port, utilities, infrastructure, feedstock supply and shared services at a total cost of well over USD $2 billion (7 billion AED). These facilities will be made available to new investors under a “plug and play” concept, meaning that new projects can be plugged into the existing park infrastructure, lowering the cost of investment and further enhancing the Ruwais Derivatives Park’s competitiveness.

In addition, a park management company is already being created to ensure ease of doing business for investors, including facilitating ease of contact with service providers, as well as with Government agencies, further adding to the attractiveness of the Ruwais Derivatives Park. The Park will also utilize advanced technologies that strengthen its technology and advanced manufacturing profile.